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Last Updated 02/24/2017


Picture of TorchFederal Logistics/Asset Management Certificate Program


FedEducation™ Certificate Programs are developed with input from line and staff, bench level through senior level, across the Federal Government including both military and civilian Federal Agencies.

Programs have also benefited from input on best practices from private industry.


Program Objectives

The FedEducation™ Federal Logistics/Asset Management Certificate Program intends to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for Federal Logistics training and professional education.

Program Components


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Picture of TorchFedEducation™ Certificates

  • Successful completion of a Course results in a FedEducation™ Course Certificate and award of Continuing Education Units (CEU) or Continuous Learning Points (CLP)

  • Successful completion of all Courses in a Curriculum results in a FedEducation™ Curriculum Certificate

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What's Next?

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